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Hypno-Gastric band

Can I challenge you on something? The chances are, you've tried other programmes to help you to lose weight. The dirty little secret is that most of these have high failure rates and are not designed to work long-term.

A key part of our work will be around 'regression', because there is always a 'why' to find and understand when it comes to your relationship to food. The benefits of this is a deeper understanding of what makes you 'you', the peace of mind you gain in letting past and present negativity go and the positive changes that follow all lead to long lasting, amazing outcomes!

We all like to think and believe that we have all the time in the world... the sad fact is we haven't. Why not make today the day for a long lasting positive change?

Smoking cessation

My clients are surprised when they are taught a technique to gain self-control, it's easier to control your cravings than you think!

How many heartbeats do you have in a day? A week? Your lifetime? Smoking increases this exponentially. This may be a touch morbid however, each persons heart beats 100,000 times within a 24 hour period. Smoking 20 cigarettes a day will increase this by 10,000 beats.... We all have a limited time on this Earth and with that comes a limited amount of heart beats... why waste those beats on smoking?

Next steps

Hypno-Gastric band and Smoking cessation is not all I do, contact me for help with other conditions and you’ll get all the benefits of myself facilitating the positive changes you will enjoy.

Starting your journey towards stopping smoking or healthier weight will require some willpower. There isn’t a magic wand but really, you won’t need one! I can turn your motivation into fuel for the success you’re looking for.

Check out my Google reviews for fantastic results I’ve had with clients.   

“I approached Terri to have a Hypnotherapy Gastric Band (HGB) fitted recently and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. Terri was so professional and put me completely at ease throughout the course. With Terri’s help and guidance, I have been able to address my relationship with food. With the HGB, no food or drink is off limits; I’m simply able to listen to my body more and eat what I need to sustain me without over indulging.”

When you’re ready (maybe even now), book your first session.

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